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Backed by the National Science Foundation, Codecraft Works provides outstanding learning opportunities regardless of time and distance. Online students can enjoy courses in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Web Development, and Game Development. Learn with Codecraft from any sofa, kitchen table, or classroom in the world.

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Codecraft Works offers in-person camps, field trips, and private workshops in Melbourne, Florida. Plan time at our Headquarters and enjoy a hands-on, imaginations and co-creating a better-connected world for us all.

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Codecraft Works provides outstanding professional training platforms and services for corporate clients, allowing them to skip the expensive travel and boring video courses. Codecraft’s innovative technology, course delivery, teaching methodology, and expert team make us an excellent partner for your coding education or certification initiatives.

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Codecraft Fuondation

We believe that everyone can code.

Computer science is not just vocational for getting a job; today computer science is completely foundational for any job anyone may want to have in the next 30 years. Everyone should learn how technology works, learn how software is changing our world, and how to participate in that world.

Finances should never prevent anyone from learning how to create something they love with code. We partner with the Codecraft Foundation to provide financial assistance to underserved students, leadership and internship opportunities for high schoolers and connects Industry mentors with participants in Codecraft programs. Don’t let cost be a barrier for your child.

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