Imagine the possibilities… Be the creator of something you love with code!



Discover a program near you. Don’t see a program offered in your area yet? Codecraft Works is an ever expanding program. Learn how to lauch this program at your school or in your town.



Explore courses in Computer Science, Engineering, Cyber Security, Web Development and Game Development. Build the fundamental skills required to create something you love with code.



The Certification courses are designed for novice or experienced teachers who would like to teach computer science (CS) or include more CS into their daily instruction. Certification also provides a path for people looking to begin a new career in software engineering.

Co-create and Collabrate
in the Codecraft Community.

Qualified Instructors


The Codecraft Community is a creative space for unleashing imaginations and co-creating a better connected world for us all. Become part of a community of educators, engineers, and innovators and share your knowledge with the world.

Location Partners


Do you have a space that is being underutilized? Become a Codecraft Location Partner and connect with a local Instructor to provide a workspace for students to explore a variety of tech-based courses.

Content Experts


Do you have content that needs to be taught? Codecraft partners with content creators like Makey Makey to provide a variety of courses to students. Join the Codecraft Community today and spread your knowledge through our Platform.

We believe that everyone can code.

Finances should never prevent you from learning how to create something you love with code. We partner with the Codecraft Foundation to provide assistance and merit scholar awards to students of Codecraft Clubs, Labs, and Camps. Don’t let cost be a barrier. Visit the Codecraft Foundation today.