Our Mission.

Our Mission.

We are increasing the number and diversity of employable programmers heading to college and the workforce with project-based computer science education.

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Learning computer science should be a priorty for every student, but our education system hasn’t caught up just yet. Every child will benefit from a head start on their future with Codecraft Works.

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You’re looking to close the computer science talent gap, but can’t do it alone. Partner with Codecraft Works and make computer science education a reality at your school.

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Codecraft Works offers computer science programs, as both a benefit that encourages talent retention, and as a way to grow the STEM talent pipeline for years to come.

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Proud Parents.

Kim Deffebach

“[Our son] LOVED Codecraft. He got a computer programing job offer for one night (on his way home in an Uber) and was hired by someone over the college break to do some kind of trouble shooting, which he completed successfully. The business owner was thrilled and paid him $350 for 7 hrs of work! We were thrilled and hope that motivates him to keep plowing ahead through these hard engineering classes! … Codecraft really changed his life and has played a major role in him developing into the skilled and confident young man he is today.“


Empowered Educators.

Catherine McGregor,
STEM Champion, Southwest Middle School

“Codecraft ran a great program for our students. The instructors were engaging and kept the attention of almost 50 middle school students at a time (no easy feat). The students had a good time, they enjoyed the coding process. … They were all disappointed when the time was up, so that’s always a good sign.”

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Industry Engaged.

Gerald Delvaille,
Creative Network Innovations

“It was really cool to team up with [Codecraft students] in that way. Knowing that it was a student, I was impressed, but it was also exactly what we would look for from someone who worked for our company.”

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STEM Workforce Development

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Codecraft Foundation Codecraft Foundation

We believe that everyone can code.

Finances should never prevent anyone from learning how to create something they love with code. We partner with the Codecraft Foundation to provide financial assistance to under-served students, leadership and internship opportunities for high schoolers and connects Industry mentors with participants in Codecraft programs. Don’t let cost be a barrier for your child.

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