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A Creative Coding Community

Codecraft Works powers a collaborative code editor that supports thousands of community created web projects. Create a free account, code something you love, and share your work with the world.

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Current Program Schedule

Codecraft Works combines project-based curriculum with talented instructors to deliver engaging virtual learning. Students can explore topics like game design, machine learning, and everything in between! Check out the schedule, find your student’s perfect program, and get enrolled today.

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Flexible options for every schedule.

Codecraft Works virtual programs fit into school-year long tracks, with each track increasing in difficulty level and recommended age range. From total beginners to coding pros, our programs are fun and impactful for all.

Each program builds upon the previous programs offered in a track, but can be taken independently too. Codecraft programs give you the freedom to enroll for just one program at a time, or sign up for the whole school year!

Keep the learning and fun going all year long! Fall, spring and summer programs run virtually in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Concepts are broken down into bite sized chunks so small groups meet online and work together.

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Program FAQs

How many participants in each program?

To provide the best experience we keep live program groups small. With up to just 10 participants, our instructors work to create a fun, engaging environment even in a digital space.

How do online programs work?

Codecraft virtual programs strive to provide a classic learning experience without the commute! Participants join small groups and a Codecraft instructor to develop computer science skills, make new friends, and explore technology. We make time for brain breaks, encourage group collaboration, and foster socialization to complement the learning experience.

What do students learn?

While the topics vary from program to program, students walk away from our online programs with a better understanding of topics like machine learning, web development, or game design, while also practicing critical communication, collaboration, and creative problem solving skills in a digital environment.

What are Codecraft Works Levels?

Our programs are organized into school-year long tracks, called levels (L1, L2, L3). These levels are set up to contain programs that are suitable for specific ages and ranges of experience. Each level track features 8-week programs that build upon one another, allowing students to practice what they know and try out new things throughout the school year.

Looking for something you don’t see? Let us know! Other questions? We’re happy to help.

We believe that everyone can code.

Finances should never prevent anyone from learning to code. We partner with the Codecraft Foundation to provide computer science and coding programs to under-served students, as well as leadership and internship opportunities for high schoolers.

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