2017 – 2018 SECME

Why participate in this competition? ​  To prepare for the future that is already here, we’re going to need more programmers! Robot ice cream makers? Burger chefs? Video game developers? Business owners? We all know that cars are becoming automated and if you can name a job with a repetitive task, it’s likely there’s an

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Codecraft Students

Back To School

We’re hosting a back-to-school open house for YOU! Our community. Visit the Melbourne location and learn about the Labs and Clubs happening in Brevard this school year. While you look around and ask questions, the kids are invited to join a Minecraft build, .io challenge, play Super Smash Bros or try the VR vault! To

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Codecraft Works students

Codecraft Summer Camp Round Up

Codecraft Works Summer Camps 2017 are a wrap!  Camp themes such as Mission to Mars, Sports and Games Around the World, Art and Music, and Digital Storytelling challenged campers to think creatively while learning the fundamentals of computer science. Our advanced camps took it to the next level with Python, Game Design, Web Development, and

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LAN Parties

The Codecraft Foundation announces support for a new FREE community event! Monthly LAN Parties designed to foster and support a healthy and growing in-person tech community for students starts with FUN. An alternating monthly event schedule will offer students in middle school, high school, and college their own opportunity to get together with their peers and,

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Codecraft Works Provides STE(A)M-Powered Learning for Girls

Codecraft Works, founded by Shannon Landin in 2011, is built on the foundation that all kids should have the opportunity to learn computer programming and understand the power of computing in a fun, supportive, and interactive environment. Learning computer programming is important for all kids, and at Codecraft Works, we are particularly passionate about providing

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A Vision for Computer Science Education

We believe that throughout the entire K-12 education lifecycle, it’s critical for students to have the opportunity to continuously develop their foundation of computer science knowledge. Students who harness the power of computational thinking to will learn and practice modern approaches to problem-solving. By applying computer science as a tool for learning and expression across

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Codecraft Camps Offer Access to Computer Programming Skill

This summer, locations in both Tallahassee and Melbourne offer STEM camp opportunities for kids to build computer programming skills. Camps are designed around innovative curriculum with cutting edge computer science (CS), engineering, and cyber security. Students work in high-tech labs with trained instructors and mentors to design websites, develop video games, learn ethical hacking basics,

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Cyber Patriot team Captain Fiona

An Argument for Computer Science in the Classroom – Part II

  By Fiona McCrae Read Part I. Knowledge of computing is especially important when it comes to social media culture. Every day, millions of users log into information buffets like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. They carelessly share their whereabouts, bestow ample images of themselves without restraint, and heap pounds of personal information out onto

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An Argument for Computer Science in the Classroom – Part I

By Fiona McCrae Computers have come to play an incredibly vital role in modern day commerce, research, and culture. An internet of fiber optic and copper arteries are pulsating under oceans and across mountains, entangling steel skyscrapers and suburban main streets, flashing on and off with light and electricity to transport the constant flow of

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CCPC Award Highlights

A big CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of the 100+ fantastic students who elected to submit their work to the 2nd Annual Codecraft Computer Programming Competition (CCPC), as well as their dedicated school club teachers and Codecraft instructors!  Well done! Many fantastic projects developed though learning, practice, time and dedication over months were submitted and judged. The

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