School Clubs

Students and teachers can create free membership accounts and get started using Codecraft Live, together, anytime! Just sign in with your existing Google account, Microsoft account, or you can use your email.

Club membership acconts allow for additional access to club curriculum and techncial mentors. Parents (typically) pay for a Club Membership, Schools partners host clubs and Teacher Champions facilitate meetings. Codecraft provides the curriculum and real-time live technical instruction through Codecraft Live.

This year’s exclusive school club partnerships include:

To learn more about partnership options for schools or nonprofits, contact us here.
Know a student in need of financial assistance? Visit the Codecraft Foundation.

Field Trips & Staycations!

Codecraft Works makes an excellent destination for a 1/2 day class field trip. We offer hands-on, code crafting visits where students are immersed in the world of computer science and the high-tech industry. Think computer innards, the binary system, and code! Codecraft Works is committed to empowering students to discover the magic of computing. We bring computer science to life with interactive learning, engaging field trip project options, and coordinatio with industry experts for live presentations or industry Q&A. Enrich your students’ learning experiences, and preview courses available on our platform, with our field trip programs for K-12 graders.

Can’t get away? Don’t worry, we can bring Codecraft Works to you. With portable projects, we supply the instruction and you can supply the computers, or not! As always, the kids supply the imagination, energy, and creativity! Let our experienced instructors bring the magic of computer code to your classroom. Codecraft Works projects are a great way to enhance your STE(A)M curriculum and motivate your students. With hands-on activities and engaging instruction, students are challenged by technology relevant to their daily lives.

Scout Badges

Let Codecraft help your troop earn their STEM badges by hosting Scout meetings at our Melbourne HQ. We will introduce your troop to a variety of Computer Science and Technology topics, from Block Programming and Game Development to Invention Literacy where you Scout members can learn how to design a personal invention.

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