Get Powered by Codecraft™ and deliver a proven mentoring methodology, robust computer science curriculum, and gain access to a network of certified instructors. Powered by Codecraft, you can easily and confidently provide superior computer programming opportunities to afterschool clubs, a whole school, an entire district, or a distributed group across multiple locations.

Partner in Education

Are you a parent or educator interested in having a Codecraft Club at your school? We’d love to be your Partner in Education (PIE)! We can connect you with a Qualified Instructor that will run the program with the help of a Parent or Teacher Champion volunteer. Codecraft Club support, online curriculum access, annual competition opportunities provide powerful project-based learning and lots of fun.

Partner in Innovation

Ready to take computer science and programming education to the next level? Offer any Codecraft Course(s) and run your own programs, Powered by Codecraft. Access bulk licensing and price your own programs. We can provide your customers the ability to sign-up and to pay online if desired via the Codecraft Platform, automate membership access, and empower your program delivery. It’s that simple!

Partner in Innovation (PI2) power requires a Codecraft Certified Instructor (either yourself or a staff member).

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