Codecraft Works Grand Opening

Codecraft Works Grand Opening & Programming Competition Awards Ceremony – Awards! Prizes! Tours! Free!
Codecraft Works is having a big celebration. On April 28th at 5 pm, we will host the 2nd annual Codecraft Computer Programming Competition (CCPC) Awards Ceremony. This will also be the Grand Opening of the new Codecraft Works headquarters in Melbourne, FL!
Join us for the Codecraft Works Grand Opening and CCPC Awards Ceremony on April 28 starting at 5pm. The student projects are amazing and we know you’ll be virtually blown away by all we have to announce, demo, and share! This is an active event, with lots to do and see. Experience the brand-new, cutting-edge Virtual Reality Vault, an Augmented Reality learning sandbox, and many student created projects and games.
Don’t miss the opportunity to “party on purpose”, tour the new facility (5 – 6:15 pm), and the 2nd Annual Codecraft Computer Programming Competition (CCPC) Awards Ceremony (6:30 pm) Friday, April 28th.There will be a food truck and drinks available so you can eat with your family and enjoy our beautiful river view.
Please join us at:

    Codecraft Works
    2428 Irwin Street
    Melbourne, FL 32901