A partnership of BAC and Codecraft Works.
LaunchIT helps people with unique abilites earn the skills and confidence to pursue a career in Information Technology (IT). 

LaunchIT educates, inspires, and empowers.

A partnership between BAC and Codecraft Works, LaunchIT combines Codecraft Work’s STEM-based, blended learning approach with BAC’s wrap around services and experience in serving people with unique abilites to provide solutions to two workplace challenges: filling entry-level Information Technology (IT) positions and increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. By completing this comprehensive, six-month virtual program, people of varying abilities from all over the nation earn internationally recognized certifications with the guidance of specialized mentors. Learning to be experts in their field, LaunchIT graduates enter the workplace with independence and confidence.

LaunchIT training will be conducted via virtual platforms that are accessible to those with unique abilities, including those with visual impairments or who are deaf or hard of hearing.

This six-month program is designed for veterans or adults with unique abilites over age 18 who have an interest in a career in the IT industry. Please see the “More Information & FAQ” section below for the next start date and the application deadline.

The program offers two technical certification tracks led by the Codecraft Works team. Participants of both tracks will receive BAC’s intensive, wrap-around support services designed to build the soft skills needed for workforce readiness. When combined, these services will provide participants with the key tools and industry knowledge they need for successful employment.

Two Technical Certification Tracks:

Web Development & Accessibility Specialist 
Google UX Design Professional Certification
Codecraft Works Accessible Web Design and Development
HDI-SCA Certification OR IAAP Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) Credential Certification (Optional Goal)

Possible Careers:
Web Developer
User Experience Designer
Accessibility Professional
Compliance Team Member

IT Services
Google IT Support Professional Certification
Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certification
HDI-SCA Certification OR CompTIA A+ Certification (Optional Goal)

Possible Careers:
IT Support Technician
Help Desk Specialist
IT Assistant

Workplace Soft Skills & Business Training – All participants
Google Applied Digital Skills Certificates
Avoid Online Scams
Communicate Effectively at Work
Connect and Collaborate from Anywhere with Digital Tools
Create and Safeguard Passwords
Edit Your Resume
Explore a Topic: Equal Access to Technology
Explore a Topic: Technology at Work
Explore a Topic: Technology, Ethics, and Security
Give and Receive Feedback
Google Workspace: Docs – Part 1 & Part 2
Google Workspace: Drive
Google Workspace: Gmail
Google Workspace: Sheets – Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3
Google Workspace: Slides – Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3
How to Write a Cover Letter
Negotiate Your Salary
Research Career Paths
Send Professional Emails
Start a Resume
Use Digital Tools for Everyday Tasks
Use Google to Get a New Job
Write an If-Then Adventure Story

Additional Topics Covered:
Active Listening
Interview Skills
Job Search Strategies
Job Shadowing
Managing Workplace Stress
Team Building
Writing for Workplace Success

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