Empower the next generation of creators and innovators by becoming an Independent Codecraft Certified Instructor.

What is a Qualified Instructor?

The Codecraft Platform is an amazing tool that can empower an Educator to provide a programming curriculum to their students. Many of these Educators need help. Unlike other impersonal learning tools, the Codecraft Platform requires an instructor either in-person or virtual in real time. The role of a Codecraft Instructor is two-fold. The first being to provide lecture and instruction on the curriculum. The second is to provide mentorship for students while they are developing their applications.This relationship harbors a deeper understanding of concepts, builds technical skills, and facilitates an excitement for the world of programming unrivaled by self-guided learning.

Qualified Instructors are vital to the Codecraft Community

Instructors can do more than simply teach. Is your background in Language Arts? History? Instructors can use their expertise to create new example projects and contribute to the Codecraft Community, a co-creation environment for teaching resources.

How do I become a Independent Codecraft Certified Instructor?

. There are multiple continuing education courses that cover all of the courses we offer in our Codecraft Programs. Choose your topic of interest and start today or learn more about certification!

Security Procedures

Security is a subject that Codecraft Works takes seriously. When working with students and schools a background check is required. Make sure that you follow the proper procedures for any facility where you might work.

Where can a Qualified Instructor teach?

Location Partners have provided their facilities to support the Codecraft Community. Find a Location Partner near you! All facilities must have access to the internet. Computers may or may not be available at every location. Find out more about becoming a Location Partner yourself.