You’re looking to close the computer science talent gap, but can’t do it alone. Partner with Codecraft Works and make computer science education a reality at your school.

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Field Trips

First Experience. Codecraft Works makes an excellent destination for a 1/2 day class field trip or stay’cation. Can’t get away? Don’t worry, we can bring Codecraft Works to you. Let our experienced instructors bring the magic of computer code to your classroom, virtually. Codecraft Works projects are a great way to extend or enhance your technology, innovation, or STE(A)M curriculum and motivate your students.

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School Club

Teacher Champions and afterschool providers can empower learning-to-code at school, Codecraft will help. A Codecraft Club is a great first learn-to-code experience for many students. Friends, both new and old, can join a school hosted Codecraft Club from a school computer lab or media center for 60 min once a week! School organized clubs meet in person to access online project-based learing and join the Codecraft Instructor through our website.

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Codecraft Your Own

Codecraft Works is committed to empowering students to discover the magic of computing. We bring computer science to life with interactive, cross-curriculuar learning, engaging project-based options, and deft coordination with industry experts for live presentations or industry Q&A. We believe every student should learn to code and we want to help you make it a reality at your organization. Contact us for school- and district-wide options and pricing.

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“Thank you for doing this for the Playwrights! The virtual experience has been awesome. I think it is equal to you being here. The kids benefit so much and then they tell their friends what they’re doing and it piques interest. I’d love to have a Coding Club here every semester.”

Debrah James Educator



“Demo day was incredible to see. Those kids were so confident and each of them spoke so clearly and enthusiastically about their projects in the process to get them done. It really was amazing to listen to them.”

Janine Williamson Parent

Codecraft Works for Students

We recognize that each student learns best at a different pace. That’s why our course curriculum has been carefully designed to allow for individual advancement during class time and beyond. Dedicated particiption results in project-based portfolios, real-world experience, and technical confidence.



We recognize that each student learns best at a different pace. That’s why our course curriculum has been carefully designed to allow for individual advancement and growth, during class time and beyond.



Our online platform allows students to interact with an instructor just as they would in person. Video conferencing, screen-sharing, and live code editing capabilities lets instructors work with students and give feedback in real time.



Students can take Codecraft Live programs from anywhere they can set a laptop down. All that’s needed is a pair of headphones, a microphone, and internet access.


How do Students Get Ahead with Codecraft?

  • Application of math concepts like base 10 versus binary, coordinates, variables
  • Build on using algorithms and logic to solve problems
  • Introduce CS processes, concepts, and themes utilizing a fun, hands-on approach
  • Foster teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills
  • Present learn-to-code projects that supplement STEM curriculum
  • Grow personal confidence and character
  • Refine interpersonal and social skills required for the workforce and beyond
  • Practice team work, project management, and demonstration

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We're celebrating a new cohort of the @BACBrevard Fibonacci 1 program that has launched this week!

Student Interns met with their Business Partners at Codecraft to discuss their front-end website training and Google Analytics certification goals.

Can't wait to see the results!

Join us for our upcoming Cloud Study Jam and get hands-on experience with Machine Learning. Cloud Study Jam - Intro to ML: Image Processing, Saturday Oct 12th from 10a-4p at @codecraftworks

Fun fall launch 🚀 for @bacbrevard student interns and local #spacecoast business partners. Huge shoutout to these amazing local businesses and people for their active support of project based learning opportunities for these teens! Welcome Steve Shar…

Here are the slides from my talk on "#Angular Tooling: Key Concepts" at #DevFestLA:

Make sure to open up the speaker notes and check out the reference links at the end.

#CLI #Schematics #Builders #DevFest19
@GDGLA @gdgSiliconBeach

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