Cybersecurity and the Girl Scouts of America

Cybersecurity and the Girl Scouts of America Girl Scouts and Cybersecurity On Saturday October 7th, Codecraft Works partnered with Raytheon and Vector 35 to give the Girl Scouts of America a lesson in cybersecurity. The girls earned three badges for their vests, learned about internet safety, and gained a deeper understanding of privacy, networks and binary code. While Girl Scouts are known for their crafts and cookies, these new badges are allowing these young girls to do much more than ever before. “These badges didn’t exist yet, because it wasn’t as easy to get access to computers and the internet,” […]

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New definition of computing power – kids who code Shannon Landin co-founder Codecraft Lab The computer programming industry is facing a crisis today because only 2% of current students are studying computer science compared to the 98% studying all other math and sciences. That 2% is woefully inadequate when one considers the fact that computing jobs will constitute 60% of all jobs in the future compared to 40% of all other math and science jobs, according to Code.org. Today, every industry is powered by code. Codecraft Lab is an important connector and advocate for making sure every student has a […]

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