2019: The Year of Tech Education

There has been a lack of proper tech education in schools, not only across America, but across the globe. As recently published on our website, Raytheon and the National Cyber Security Alliance found that 58% of millennials reported to not having a proper cyber education. In an increasingly digital world, this number is startling. This number begs us to ask two questions: how important is tech education? Is there any hope for the future of tech education? The answer to the first question is “very,” and the answer to the second is “yes.” Let’s break down these two answers a […]

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Cybersecurity and the Girl Scouts of America

Cybersecurity and the Girl Scouts of America Girl Scouts and Cybersecurity On Saturday October 7th, Codecraft Works partnered with Raytheon and Vector 35 to give the Girl Scouts of America a lesson in cybersecurity. The girls earned three badges for their vests, learned about internet safety, and gained a deeper understanding of privacy, networks and binary code. While Girl Scouts are known for their crafts and cookies, these new badges are allowing these young girls to do much more than ever before. “These badges didn’t exist yet, because it wasn’t as easy to get access to computers and the internet,” […]

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Cyber Smart is the New Street Smart

By Shannon Landin, Co-founder of Codecraft Lab and Stephanie Galbo, Software Engineer & Codecraft Lab Super Volunteer Don’t cross the road without looking both ways. Be aware of your surroundings and know who is around you. Don’t talk to strangers. These are just a few of the street smart lessons we preach to our kids, but now they are equally applicable in our digital lives if you think about it. In today’s quickly changing, and increasingly dangerous, software-connected world it’s important to be Cyber Smart, and that can only come from learning to code. Such an education is the best preparation for today’s digitally dominated world.  At […]

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