Students Need Early Access to Computer Science Education

By Shannon Landin Codecraft Lab C0-founder & CEO Codecraft Lab is a non profit organization that offers computer science learning opportunities and curriculum to k-12 students and teachers in Brevard county. More specifically our programs include hands on & unplugged activities to teach: An introduction to computer science (CS) & computing Online safety and privacy Cyber defense & robotics Web development, game design & game development Raspberry Pi, Python, and Linux Soft skills like collaboration, teamwork and presentation Our programs are offered to young people at a growing number of elementary schools in Brevard, in addition to our headquarters in […]

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Competitiveness and Coding: New Second Language

by Shannon Landin Codecraft Lab Co-founder & CEO We’ve all heard about ESL classes but what about CSL? CSL refers to Coding as a Second Language and Google is promoting this new educational discipline specifically as a way to diversify the tech industry. Google has partnered with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation to roll out CSL in New York, Los Angeles and Miami to introduce children to coding and then steer them to further instruction. The goal is to ultimately land internships and possibly full-time jobs at Fortune 500 companies, according to Engadget, which posted a 50-second video about the program […]

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