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We had an amazing 2019. Here’s what’s next. 👇

2019 was a huge year for Codecraft Works. We announced our new learning platform, developed and launched exciting new programs, and continued to find new ways to bring computer science education to new heights. As we start the new year, we wanted to give a quick recap of all the wonderful things that happened in the Codecraft

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Looking to get into Machine Learning? Meet AWS DeepRacer!

This weekend, we’re hosting an AWS DeepRacer Workshop (for free!) at our Melbourne HQ. But before then, we figured we’d clue you in on just what DeepRacer is in the first place, and why we think it’s so cool.  So, what is it? DeepRacer was created by Amazon Web Services, a division of Amazon that

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Codecraft Computer Codecraft Programming Competitions 2020

Getting Started Guides for Scratch, Python, or Java Getting Started with Scratch Make an account at Decide whether you’d like to make a story or a game.  Brainstorm some ideas and write them down on a sheet of paper. Plan out how you intend to implement your ideas. Break down the actions, and use

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We've got some news. Say hello to 👋

We’ve got some news. Say hello to 👋 This summer has been a pretty big one for us here at Codecraft. We ran 20 summer camps, worked with over 285 students, and continued to bring robust computer science education to students in Melbourne and beyond.  But that’s not all we’ve been working on. We’re

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Fibonacci Program Gives Teens with Learning Disabilities an Advantage

What’s the Fibonacci Program? An eight-week program held by Codecraft Works for high school students from the Brevard Achievement Center (BAC), in partnership with Vocational Rehabilitation, has yielded an opportunity for teenagers with learning disabilities a chance to be successful in the field of IT upon graduation. During this time, the students learned the basics

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Why Codecraft is the Best Option for Teaching Your Child Coding

So you’ve determined that you want your kid to get ahead in life, and learn the invaluable skill of coding. Awesome! But now what? Surely, you want a program that knows what it’s doing, yet understands the individual needs of your child. Codecraft Works is the logical coding school choice for many organizations, schools, and

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3 Reasons why your child needs to learn to code. Like, now.

3 Reasons why your child needs to learn to code. Like, now. Computer science is foundational. To be a child in the digital era is to be surrounded by technology nearly every second of the day. 95% of Americans own a cellphone, 77% go online at least once a day, and 79% have a computer at home. With

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Case Study: Nakeya

Case Study: Nakeya Codecraft Works became a Brevard Public Schools partner in 2014. Though this partnership is young, we’ve been lucky enough to work alongside a variety of talented teachers, interns, and employees. Their hard work and dedication mean the world to us, so we are starting a case study series. In this series, we

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