Codecraft Students inspecting computer hardware

Thursday Hardware Event w/ Best Buy!

Love to play video games? We do too – but we love to watch software and hardware work together to power our favorite games even more! This Thursday, 11/14, join us for an evening of hardware relays, tech trivia, and video game tourneys during our open house, in partnership with Best Buy. Kids will leave

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Looking to get into Machine Learning? Meet AWS DeepRacer!

This weekend, we’re hosting an AWS DeepRacer Workshop (for free!) at our Melbourne HQ. But before then, we figured we’d clue you in on just what DeepRacer is in the first place, and why we think it’s so cool.  So, what is it? DeepRacer was created by Amazon Web Services, a division of Amazon that

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Codecraft Works Melbourne Office

2017 Year in Review, 2018 Look Ahead

The Early Days – A Quick History Codecraft Works, LLC was founded by myself, Shannon, and Josh Landin in 2011 as a web application design and development consulting company. At the time, we enjoyed designing technical solutions for a variety of business problems and working with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits. When I recognized a “screen

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2017 – 2018 SECME

Why participate in this competition? ​  To prepare for the future that is already here, we’re going to need more programmers! Robot ice cream makers? Burger chefs? Video game developers? Business owners? We all know that cars are becoming automated and if you can name a job with a repetitive task, it’s likely there’s an

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LAN Parties

The Codecraft Foundation announces support for a new FREE community event! Monthly LAN Parties designed to foster and support a healthy and growing in-person tech community for students starts with FUN. An alternating monthly event schedule will offer students in middle school, high school, and college their own opportunity to get together with their peers and,

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CCPC Award Highlights

A big CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of the 100+ fantastic students who elected to submit their work to the 2nd Annual Codecraft Computer Programming Competition (CCPC), as well as their dedicated school club teachers and Codecraft instructors!  Well done! Many fantastic projects developed though learning, practice, time and dedication over months were submitted and judged. The

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Codecraft Works Grand Opening & Programming Competition Awards Ceremony

Codecraft Works Grand Opening & Programming Competition Awards Ceremony – Awards! Prizes! Tours! Free! Codecraft Works is having a big celebration. On April 28th at 5 pm, we will host the 2nd annual Codecraft Computer Programming Competition (CCPC) Awards Ceremony. This will also be the Grand Opening of the new Codecraft Works headquarters in Melbourne,

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Technology is just a tool

March 7, 2017 “Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” Bill Gates, Microsoft Greetings, Earthlings! Welcome to this week’s Codecraft update. Please enjoy reading what we’ve been up to this past week and send us your comments, suggestions, or tech

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2016’s 365 in Review

by Shannon Landin Impacting the computer science education and future opportunities for 150+ students, their teachers, and their families weekly made January 2016 a very good start to the 3rd year of  Codecraft Lab’s mission-driven technology lab for students in Florida! Now in January 2017, before leaping ahead in the new year, reflecting on the successes and

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Johan Scherft

Delivery Drones, Autonomous Cars, Artistic Robots & You!

Can computers make coffee? Drive cars? What about art. Can computers become creative or self conscious? Learn more about delivery drones, autonomous cars, artistic robots & you! Codecraft Lab is hosting a open house and tech-talk with computer scientist Stephanie Galbo for middle and high school aged students in Brevard at the Lab on Friday, August

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