Codecraft Camps Offer Access to Computer Programming Skill

This summer, locations in both Tallahassee and Melbourne offer STEM camp opportunities for kids to build computer programming skills. Camps are designed around innovative curriculum with cutting edge computer science (CS), engineering, and cyber security. Students work in high-tech labs with trained instructors and mentors to design websites, develop video games, learn ethical hacking basics,

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Team members preparing for competition.

Codecraft Lab High School Teams Compete in US CyberPatriot Challenge

High school students from across Brevard have joined forces at Codecraft Lab to learn, practice, and compete in a national cyber defense competition.  The Codecraft Lab CyberPatriot teams consist of our Coach, Shannon Landin, high school student team members, and volunteer technical mentors. These volunteer subject matter experts; Josh Landin, Chris Struttmann, and Owen Redwood, show up to share their real

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Python programming camp for kids

Students Need Early Access to Computer Science Education

By Shannon Landin Codecraft Lab C0-founder & CEO Codecraft Lab is a non profit organization that offers computer science learning opportunities and curriculum to k-12 students and teachers in Brevard county. More specifically our programs include hands on & unplugged activities to teach: An introduction to computer science (CS) & computing Online safety and privacy

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Competitiveness and Coding: New Second Language

by Shannon Landin Codecraft Lab Co-founder & CEO We’ve all heard about ESL classes but what about CSL? CSL refers to Coding as a Second Language and Google is promoting this new educational discipline specifically as a way to diversify the tech industry. Google has partnered with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation to roll out CSL

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Codecraft Lab expands space & time for students' learning

Codecraft Lab Expands Time & Space for Learning

Codecraft Lab Expands Time & Space for Learning: A Short Video Documentary. Why should kids learn to be digital creators, and computer programmers? Check out this video about Codecraft Lab for answers and a peek into some of the amazing things our students can do. Thank you to 142 Productions  for helping us tell our

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Future tech entrepreneurs

Local Students Create Computer Apps

Media Advisory For Immediate Release: May 4, 2015 Melbourne, FL Contact: Deborah Haar Clark Codecraft Lab PR Volunteer (321) 223-7045  ∙   LOCAL STUDENTS CREATE COMPUTER APPS, COMPETE TO SEE WHICH MOST BENEFITS THE SPACE COAST   Four tech-savvy children are doing something many adults fear more than death—pitching ideas for computer apps they

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New definition of computing power – kids who code Shannon Landin co-founder Codecraft Lab The computer programming industry is facing a crisis today because only 2% of current students are studying computer science compared to the 98% studying all other math and sciences. That 2% is woefully inadequate when one considers the fact that computing

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