3 Reasons why your child needs to learn to code. Like, now.

3 Reasons why your child needs to learn to code. Like, now. Computer science is foundational. To be a child in the digital era is to be surrounded by technology nearly every second of the day. 95% of Americans own a cellphone, 77% go online at least once a day, and 79% have a computer at home. With technology and the internet being such an integral part of daily life, children benefit from seeing how it all works at a fundamental level. Just like learning about electricity, the water cycle, or the human brain, computer science provides children with a basic understanding of […]

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Students Need Early Access to Computer Science Education

By Shannon Landin Codecraft Lab C0-founder & CEO Codecraft Lab is a non profit organization that offers computer science learning opportunities and curriculum to k-12 students and teachers in Brevard county. More specifically our programs include hands on & unplugged activities to teach: An introduction to computer science (CS) & computing Online safety and privacy Cyber defense & robotics Web development, game design & game development Raspberry Pi, Python, and Linux Soft skills like collaboration, teamwork and presentation Our programs are offered to young people at a growing number of elementary schools in Brevard, in addition to our headquarters in […]

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