Looking to get into Machine Learning? Meet AWS DeepRacer!

This weekend, we’re hosting an AWS DeepRacer Workshop (for free!) at our Melbourne HQ. But before then, we figured we’d clue you in on just what DeepRacer is in the first place, and why we think it’s so cool.  So, what is it? DeepRacer was created by Amazon Web Services, a division of Amazon that offers cloud computing and application programming interfaces (APIs) for individual developers, companies, and everyone in between. It’s a 1/18th scale autonomous race car, with a built in HD camera, an Intel Atom processor, and WiFi connection. Basically, it’s a mini monster truck with a high-tech […]

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Competitiveness and Coding: New Second Language

by Shannon Landin Codecraft Lab Co-founder & CEO We’ve all heard about ESL classes but what about CSL? CSL refers to Coding as a Second Language and Google is promoting this new educational discipline specifically as a way to diversify the tech industry. Google has partnered with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation to roll out CSL in New York, Los Angeles and Miami to introduce children to coding and then steer them to further instruction. The goal is to ultimately land internships and possibly full-time jobs at Fortune 500 companies, according to Engadget, which posted a 50-second video about the program […]

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Local Students Create Computer Apps

Media Advisory For Immediate Release: May 4, 2015 Melbourne, FL Contact: Deborah Haar Clark Codecraft Lab PR Volunteer (321) 223-7045  ∙  deb@debclark.net   LOCAL STUDENTS CREATE COMPUTER APPS, COMPETE TO SEE WHICH MOST BENEFITS THE SPACE COAST   Four tech-savvy children are doing something many adults fear more than death—pitching ideas for computer apps they are creating to an audience that will publicly judge which one offers the most benefit to the Space Coast. All for a chance to win $100 and some ice cream. The Junior PitchSeries, taking place at 6 pm on May 8 during Friday Fest in […]

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