Codecraft ® Works, LLC is an educational technology company powering a blended learning approach to computer science, engineering, and cybersecurity curriculum for students and educators. Our products and services improve the technical skills landscape and successfully narrow the STEM talent gap for tomorrow by providing valuable computer programming lessons to students and to instructors. Brevard County hosted the first technology-themed lab for students ages 8 to 18 in Florida. Like all of our labs, it offers young students a comfortable space to learn, collaborate, and explore new ways to thrive in today’s digital world. Codecraft Clubs, Camps and Labs are structured so that kids can begin at any time with any skill set. Our programs are hands-on and self-paced, accompanied by workshops, talks, and social events. Codecraft programs are the perfect “command central” for future technical superstars!
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Superstars are needed too, now and in the future. Here are some interesting facts according to
  • By the year 2020, there will be 1,000,000 more computer programming jobs than students.
  • Computer science will be the highest paid college degree.
  • Jobs are currently growing at two times the national average.
Our kids have the power, even at their young ages, to grasp and learn computer programming. Codecraft Works helps children become creators rather than just consumers. Participation will teach computational thinking, code, and other critical 21st century skills like problem-solving, communication, collaboration, presentation, creativity, and innovation. Like sponges, our kids are at an ideal age to soak up computer programming concepts and benefit from this early learning for their entire lives. Whether they pursue a degree in the computer field or not, our goal is to offer the opportunities for all kids to be better prepared for a future that is already here; where programming is essential to how the world functions.


We create more employable computer programmers. Codecraft Works is dedicated to expanding access to computer science education, technical mentors, and STEM internships for students resulting in transformational project-based learning.


Codecraft Works was built on the foundation that all kids should have the opportunity to learn computer programming and understand the power of computing in a fun, supportive, and interactive environment, where future tech entrepreneurs can express their creativity, individuality, and problem-solving skills. Our company continually works with nonprofit organizations to provide scholarships for children without the financial means to participate, thereby allowing all children an equal opportunity. We work to impact and improve the lives and future opportunities of young people by providing high-quality programs that protect individuality, build character, foster social connection, and instill life-enhancing 21st-century digital skills through computer science and programming education.


Codecraft Works HQ is located at 2428 Irwin St, Melbourne, Florida 32901. The Tech Village area of Brevard County is a creative environment providing balance and inspiration for our analytic, logical, and technical pursuits. It’s an environment similar to one the kids might find themselves in if they later work in the field of computer science. Our lively HQ community also allows the kids to hear talks from innovative entrepreneurs and industry experts who occasionally give short presentations to the group.